10 Must-Have Gifts For The Discerning Star Wars Fan

If you have a Star Wars fan on your gift giving list, you may find yourself overwhelmed by the TONS of merchandise out there, especially for the new film, The Force Awakens. But fear not, gift buyer-person, we are here to make your shopping trip a bit easier. The gifts on this list fall into one of two categories, maybe even both; extremely sought after by every fan, or so unconventional they don’t realize that they need it. Do you want to get them a Star Wars item that they don’t already own? Read on.


10. Sphere Remote Control BB8

This little remote controlled cutie sold out in minutes when it first appeared on shelves back in September. Everyone wants one, but couldn’t find one. About the size of two billiards balls stacked on top of each other, this little guy is great for freaking out the cat or entertaining your guy for hours while you sleep. Star Wars fans will love it too. $179.99



9. Air Hogs Millennium Falcon Flying Drone

It’s a drone. It’s Star Wars. It’s the Millennium Falcon. That’s enough for most fans, but this bad boy sports a quad-fan lift system, which means it can lift off and maneuver like a small helicopter. Another fun way to torment the family cat, this drone can is a must have for getting that reclusive Star Wars fan outside and playing something other than Fallout 4. $120



8. Millenium Falcon Bed

You can buy a specially made bed so that your kids can sleep inside the Millennium Falcon, acting out their greatest Star Wars dreams in the comfort of their bedroom. Awesome wall paint job sold separately. $3,999



7. Star Wars Aiming Decals For Toilet

Does your little Star Wars fan have trouble getting his number 1 into the bowl? Problem solved. Put these awesome decals in your toilet bowl and watch the little dude (or dudette) try their best to shoot down the Empire and win the day. Take that, Darth Vader. $5.75



6. Legendary Yoda

Kids love Yoda, and now they can train with the Jedi Master. This Yoda can teach how to fight with a lightsaber, dispense wisdom, and even talk! Place him on a table, turn him on, and walk away. the kids will be captivated for hours. That is, if your significant other doesn’t hog it. $179.99



5. Furbacca

It’s a Furby that looks and sounds like Chewbacca. Yep. $79.99



4. Star Wars Ronin Figures

It’s difficult to get action figures for the Star Wars fan who collects them. You never know which ones they have or don’t have. It’s a safe bet they don’t have these slick looking dudes. Imperial Troops done in the style of ancient Japanese Samurai. They put the bad back into badass. $113



3. Star Wars Steelbook Editions

Chances are if you are buying for a Star Wars fan, they already own the six films… in every format ever released. Unlike every other film series in existence, Star Wars fans most often pick up every iteration of these classic films that come out. Given George Lucas’ love of tinkering and adding things, it was almost a necessity, less we miss some new effect or scene. These new steelbook edition blu-rays don’t add any new content, but sport some kickass art on steel cases, making these the best looking editions yet. Grab them up before Disney hides them away in their vault. $24.99 ea.



2. Star Wars Han Solo and Chewbacca ArtFX+ Statue

For a nice gift that shows how much you understand your Star Wars collector, while simultaneously showing that you’re not opposed to dropping some Washington’s, ArtFX+ statues are the way to go. From Han and Chewie, to Storm Troopers, and more, these statues are a great conversation starter and look awesome on a shelf right next to his Furbacca and BB8. $119.99



1. Star Wars Dildos

For those times when you need to teach your lady about the force. Or to buy for yourself, after you get him his BB8. Comes *ahem* in both blue and red. $54.99

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