10 Things ‘Captain America: Civil War’ Tells Us About the MCU

Spoilers ahead!

Before you read this, I highly recommend that you go and watch the movie. It is great.

At the end of the day, Captain America: Civil War did what it should have: it left audiences with more questions than answers. In a film like this, that is most definitely a good thing. Here are a few things it made me think about:

10. Nobody actually retires.

There is no gold watch and hearty pat on the back for a job well done in the hero game. Avengers: Age of Ultron ended with both Hawkeye and Iron Man choosing to step back from heroics, the former to be with his family, and the latter to start one with Pepper. These are choices that didn’t last long.

Tony’s decision to come back is explained over a good chunk of the movie (he lets his past catch up with him because he doesn’t have an outlet, like Iron Man, to take up his days anymore). Clint’s excuse is a bit flimsier: Captain America called him, and he showed up. I was happy to see him back as Hawkeye as he is one of my favorite heroes, but he got the happy ending already. Why not leave the poor guy alone?

9. Villains still suck.

With the exception of Loki and Red Skull, the villains in all the MCU movies have sucked the big one. While Zemo’s motivation is well explained in the movie, it begs the question: How did a single soldier from a small backwater nation figure out how Winter Solider was programmed; or where to find him? I liked him, but come on. It’s just not believable. If you are just going to use names like Zemo, Mandarin, and Armin Zola, then why not use MODOK too? I know he is weird and kind of stupid, but it is not like the powers that be are sticking to the characters perfectly anyway. They can easily use the concept with a few tweaks to fit him into the MCU. Besides, I love the character.


8. The MCU has too many personalities to properly utilize.

I understand that Thor and Hulk were far too powerful to be involved in this film. Even in the comics, they wrote both men out for balance. (Hulk was shot off-world and Thor was dead at the time.) Hulk and Thor are brought up for all of a second to dismiss their absences. It’s still glaringly obvious, even to casual fans, that they should have been there. The MCU has just gotten too big for its own britches.

What will the Asgardian think of his friends fighting amongst themselves over something he would see as a small disagreement? Also, who would he have sided with? He is a free spirit for sure, but he is also a man who respects authority. I would ask about the Hulk, but he would have sided with Cap on this one. No one puts the Green Goliath in a corner. Also, when “Thunderbolt” Ross is the man that represents the government, Banner would be pissed. (Though, MCU Hulk has expressed thankfulness that there are those who know of his condition, and who would stop him if he lost control. So maybe not as black and white as it seems. – Ed.)


 Captain Marvel7. Captain Marvel.

The movie doesn’t mention her at all, but this is a character I think of often. It has been confirmed that she is getting a movie in 2019, and the Avengers are pretty preoccupied with in-fighting as of this film. It is a loose connection, but Civil War does set up some things that could result in her rise. I wonder if Carol Danvers might get her powers from a misguided experiment because the Avengers aren’t there to protect the world from a catastrophe. In the comics she is a combination of Kree and Human DNA. In the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. TV Series it has been shown that they have a Kree in suspended animation. The show is canonically part of the MCU, and thus follows the same timeline for events. This is just a small theory, with no solid proof, but a logical leap based on what we’ve seen. One thing is assured: she is going to be a major player in coming years, and Civil War would make a good point in the timeline for her to begin her career.

6. Secret Avengers.

Cap’s whole team is made up of wanted fugitives. So, what does this mean for Ant-Man and the Wasp? Or the next Avengers movie? Most likely this will be sorted out before the next one, but right now Falcon, Ant-Man, Scarlet Witch, and Hawkeye are on the run. Will they protect the world from the shadows? A Black Ops Avengers would make for an interesting movie. Will Black Widow help them?

“You can have the drumsticks. I just want a wing.”

5. Giant Man was a last resort.

Did you see what happened to Scott? He looked completely out of it after he grew. It looked like his body couldn’t take the strain for very long. That transformation probably burns calories like nobody’s business. Also, I have said it for years and no one believed me: Ant-Man is an awesome hero. I was right and you were all wrong, so suck it. He took out Iron Man’s weapons for a bit and almost took out a world class fighter in Black Widow. She eventually kicked his ass, but for a second there, an untrained fighter had her down.

Lord of the Rings had giant birds. Marvel has her.

4. How powerful is Scarlet Witch?

In the comics, Wanda can change the entire wold with just a thought. She has rewritten history so mutants were in charge in the House of M story, used her powers to conceive children with the Vision, brought Wonder Man back from the dead (twice), and made the Mutant Race an endangered species by turning off all but 187 of their powers. (She’s basically Deus ex Machina in mutant form. – Ed.) But how powerful is she in the movies? We see that she can control the Vision’s stone and, by extension, his powers. She is also getting pretty good with her telekinesis. And her first appearance showed us that she had some sort of mood/mind altering power. Is she the MCU’s emergency reset button for when things get so out hand that the writers can’t put them back together? Or will she actually have limits, unlike the comic version?


3. A Black Widow solo film?

This one is easy. I can’t think of character that has changed the landscape as much as Widow has. She has gotten so much press because she had no toys during Age of Ultron, which resulted in her definitely getting some for Civil War. She is the most rounded character in the line-up that hasn’t gotten their own movie. Marvel has to be at least looking at the idea of making a standalone Black Widow movie. If they aren’t, then they’re missing a great opportunity.

2. Earth has no protectors.

This will most likely play into Avengers: Infinity War (or whatever they end up calling it). At the end of this film, Iron Man, a distraught Vision, and a broken War Machine make up the remaining Avengers. Yes, Cap’s team is still out there, but we’ve talked about the problems with them. There have to be a few solitary heroes that still haven’t been introduced yet, and the TV characters are still doing what they can, but they aren’t exactly equipped to handle larger threats. The unified force that people have come to rely on is done. What’s stopping an alien invasion now?


1.Black Panther and Spider-Man are in good hands.

Is this really a surprise? Come on . . . even the worst of the Marvel movies are still worth watching in the theater. Black Panther is a character I have never cared much about, but after seeing him here I am excited for his solo adventure. Spider-Man is a favorite from my childhood, but trailers for the last movie looked so bad that I have no intention of ever seeing it. Now that Marvel Studios actually gets to be involved in his movies again, I’m very excited to see what happens next.

What do you think about the current state of the MCU? Leave your comments below!

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