3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Get Mad About the New “Captain America”

Did you really think Marvel Comics wasn’t going to sit quietly by as DC launched their Rebirth event?

Predictably, Marvel threw a monkey-wrench in DC’s long-awaited release by starting the new Captain America: Steve Rogers series, and by giving us the biggest WTF moment of the season.

Captain America works for HYDRA.

Yep. In the debut issue after capturing Baron Zemo, Cap throws Jack Flag out of a plane and states his true intentions – Hail HYDRA – and set the whole goddamn internet aflame with the absolute HOTTEST of takes.

It’s interesting that this happened almost directly after the trending hashtag #GiveCaptainAmericaABoyfriend put SJWs and diehard fanboys at odds. Hell, it’s not interesting, it’s a blessing. That hashtag is a prime example as to why we can’t have nice things.

That’s said, the Captain America-HYDRA marriage soured a lot of people online, and a lot of people were unreasonably mad. Why unreasonably?  Well, that’s why I’m here. Here are 3 reasons why you shouldn’t be mad about this nonsense.

1. Continuity is a foreign concept in comics.

It’s practically nonexistent, in fact. I mean, Cap was dead at the end of Civil War, only to come back to life. And then he was old as hell, and the artist formerly known as Falcon became Captain America. Now he’s young again, and you’re pissed that he says “Hail HYDRA”?!

Look, I get it: Captain America did a Mike Tyson on Hitler. It’s arguably the most iconic comic book imagery ever. But that doesn’t necessarily mean he’s not involved in something shady?  And yeah, he’s only fought HYDRA since forever, but that doesn’t mean people aren’t gonna just toss aside good common sense to sell a few funnybooks.

Superman has died and come back and lost his powers and had multiple versions of himself. Wolverine is dead unless you count the old man version of him that exists in a time where Hulk banged She-Hulk and had weird kids and then ate that Wolverine before getting the worst indigestion. Spider-Man is Peter Parker except when he is Ben Reilly except when he is Otto Octavius. Relying on comics to make good decent sense is not the best investment.

One of the things that makes The Flash on CW so much fun is that this sort of multiversal nonsense is a crucial aspect to the plot itself: Possibilities are endless.  Want a world where Steve Rogers is gay?  We’ve got an app for that!  A world where Steve Rogers is a sleeper agent for a nefarious clandestine organization?  Well yes, the app works that way we suppose, but you’re an asshole for using it that way.

Eventually we will find out this is a Rogers clone or a Doombot or Caitlyn Jenner. It will all be fine because LOLCONTINUITY.

2. HYDRA is not synonymous with the Nazis.

hydra-badgeIt’s certainly easy to get confused due to the popularity of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and assume that HYDRA is a branch of the Nazi regime. But in the comics – ya know, where HYDRA was created – the underground organization was founded in the times of Ancient Egypt. There are ties to the Nazis, but the goals of Hitler and the goals of HYDRA aren’t aligned.

To put it more specifically, HYDRA is more like SPECTRE of James Bond fame. It’s not a country or a government bent on eliminating Jews. It’s an organization that wants to rule everything.

That doesn’t soften the blow of Captain America aligning with them.  But who is to say that the Americans might not have some mutual interests with HYDRA?



3. Marvel needed a big moment to counter their chief rival, DC.

And boy oh boy did they nail it. In fact, on the day that Rebirth launched, everyone is talking about a Marvel title. So in that case – cue George W on an aircraft carrier – MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

That’s not to say that there won’t be some long-term repercussions to the decision, but in terms of trolling the shit out of their biggest opponent on the comics scene, you have to hand to it Marvel. They nailed it.

Add that in with the fact that the biggest thing on social media regarding Rebirth was the new costume worn by Wally West as the Flash – where he looks an awful lot like a super-powered Carrot Top – and yeah, Marvel stole your thunder, DC.

What did you think of the decision to make Cap a part of HYDRA?  Leave us a comment below!

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