5 Great Things About The MST3K Kickstarter


In case you missed it, Joel Hodgson has started a crowdfunding campaign for a new season of the greatest show ever. (If you don’t agree that MST3K is the greatest show even, then get out right now.

5. Not Rifftrax or Cinematic Titanic

“If I could just reach my utility belt”

Look, I love Rifftrax and CT but they are not a replacement for MST3K. Rifftrax takes on newer and better movies, shorts, educational videos and a whole host of other stuff. CT was more about the live experience and more voices. Having said that, neither of those captured the magic like the Satellite of Love crew could. Also, why wouldn’t you want to live in a world where all these things exist at the same time?

4. It’s Being Done for the Fans

“Packers win.”

This isn’t a network trying to make this happen. Joel has asked the fans to help him revive the show, complete with a new host and new “Mads.” No executives will come in and ask dumb questions about why they’re in space, or why don’t they have a plot (this was actually asked by the SyFy higher ups). This will most likely be a host and two puppets cracking at a bad movie and some skits thrown in — the way it’s supposed to be. Anyway, it has to be better than the Film Crew.

3. It’s not a reboot; it is a continuation



“Dropo you are the Laziest man on Mars.”


2. We’ve Got Movie Sign


“He tried to kill me with a forklift.”

Imagine the crap they might get their hands on. Maybe they will do Plan 9 (personally I love this movie), or more crap from an Arizona fertilizer salesman. They’ve only scratched the surface of the terrible movies. Don’t forget that the movie has to be a special kind of bad. Sharknado and Twilight are different kinds of bad. Birdemic is ok though.


1. More MST3k


“The Master would approve.”

Nobody is saying you have to love the new episodes. Nor will the new show purge the classic episodes from the universe. Give the new stuff a shot. You never know . . . maybe they will make your new favorite episode. If – and this is a Gamera-sized if – it looks bad, then don’t watch.

Check out old episodes and more at Shout Factory, Hulu, or on the MST3K Youtube page.


“Push the button Frank.”

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J. Paul

Prince of Space?!! We like boot-blacking very much.

Dave McCallister

Love the show and very happy to see so many fans put money into the continuation of it! I cannot wait to watch it again!