5 Takeaways from the Latest “Captain America: Civil War” Trailer


Well, well, well…nothing like a well-aimed crotch-punch from Marvel to DC today, as the Captain America: Civil War trailer hit the web and made everyone totally forget about Batman vs Superman. Make no mistake: these two movies are going to war in their own right, and while everyone expects Civil War to be great, the question is whether or not Dawn of Justice will even be able to compare.

Today’s trailer release had a number of moments that filled my mind with some pretty important questions…so without further ado, let’s get into the top moments of the latest Captain America: Civil War trailer.


While it’s been pretty well known for some time, it’s still kind of weird seeing all of these MCU characters but not seeing hide nor hair of Thor and Hulk. In a lot of ways, this battle between the rest of the MCU roster is made much more fair without those brawlers mucking up the works with their lightning-hammers and rage-fists. It should definitely keep things much more interesting, as we wonder which supers really are better in a scrum.

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This seems ultra weird, because in the midst of all that hero-on-hero action, we really don’t see much of the villain that will get things going. It’s hard to imagine that this movie will just be Captain America fighting against Iron Man…but could that be it?  Will we be missing a villain to pull everyone back together on the same team?  There is a small sequence in the trailer where Cap squares off with Crossbones…but is he “the” villain here, or is there someone much more potent lurking in the shadows?  Dawn of Justice has already spoiled their game with Lex Luthor and Doomsday. Civil War keeps us guessing.


One brief sequence pits Scarlet Witch against her comic book love interest, Vision. There’s no telling as to whether or not that gets pursued in the MCU, but it looks as if any future smoochy time is gonna follow a definite rough patch.


Black Panther holds his own in a number of scenes, and it’s pretty clear he is gunning for Bucky Barnes, aka the Winter Soldier. The previous trailer made it clear that Cap’s vouching for his old buddy was part of the rift between he and Iron Man. With Black Panther clearly going after the Winter Soldier in so many scenes it makes me wonder:  did the Winter Soldier do something to Black Panther to generate such focus?


This is the scene that broke the Internet, and for good reason: we are finally seeing the biggest name in Marvel Comics – Spider-Man – in a Disney film. I was personally excited that it seems like they aren’t trying to make some sleek new look for Spidey, instead giving him a classic look. It’s also good that they had him talk in the trailer, because Spidey is as loquacious as they come.

What did you think of this latest trailer?  Which scenes were your faves?  Leave us a comment below!

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