5 Things You Missed By Not Watching #WWE #RAW 12/8/15


After a two week absence I wondered what would have changed and after 3 hours what were my thoughts?


5. The Man-Beast is back

If you have been watching NXT for the past year you might know what he has been up to, but Rhyno made his RAW return to help his old ECW rivals with the Wyatts.

4. 16-man Fatal 4-Way Action

RAW began with chaos but not in the good way.

3. Charlotte may have snapped but Paige slapped Ric

Really Ric “Get her” That’s the best you got?

2. Kevin Owens

The IC Champ and “The Showoff” put on the best match of the night but Dean was not impressed.

1. New Day Rocks with unicorn horns

Once again the most entertaining thing was The New Day, and this time they shown off their acting chops. it wan’t hard when almost everything else was #Booty.


I do believe that says it all.

But what did you think of RAW?

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But don’t you dare be sour for coming Friday the TLC predictions will have the power.

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