5 Things You Missed On WWE RAW 2-29-16

Monday’s WWE Raw was live from Nashville, TN. Here are the highlights you may have missed:

5. Y2AJ vs The New Day

Jericho and AJ will get a chance to win the WWE Tag Team Championship next week.

4. Taker returns and walks slowly

We still don’t know much about the Shane McMahon vs Undertaker match at WrestleMania…

3.Becky and Sasha collide

Who won the right to face the Diva’s Champion at WrestleMania?

2. Ambrose interrupts The Game

Dean came out and challenged Triple H to a WWE Title Match.

1.The Game accepts

Ambrose challenged Triple H early on . . . and by the end of the night, Ambrose got his answer.

There it is, all wrapped up in five bite-sized chunks. Don’t forget to follow @ManCalledStump and @EmeraldDragun who live-tweet RAW every Monday night!

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All Jericho needed was a few seconds at the end to show off his experience and style. He makes a good team with AJ and I’m rooting for them in the WWE Tag Team Championship.

The Undertaker will trash the place with Shane McMahon. This is not a fight, it’s murder!

Dean Ambrose got a serious beating but maybe it was worth it since he got his wish. I’m pretty sure he was expecting trouble when he interrupted Triple H.