5 Things You Missed on WWE RAW 3/14/16

The New Day vs The League of Nations for the Tag Team Titles

Probably the best start to RAW all year, this was a he’ll of a match that went a bit off the rails at the end.

Dolph Ziggler vs Triple H

Another great match with great storytelling. Triple H is a ring master and Dolph is pretty damn great in his own right.

Dean Ambrose Brings a Friend to the Ring

Ambrose talks to the crowd when Brock shows up. Ambrose introduces Brock to his new friend.

Dean Ambrose Gets a Visit From the Hardcore Santa

Mick Foley, rocking a great beard, gives Ambrose a gift for his match against The Beast Incarnate.

Sami Zayn vs The Miz

Sami Zayn makes his RAW in-ring debut against The Miz, and it was glorious. Unless you’re Kevin Owens.

#WrestleMania is three weeks away from Dallas, Tex.

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