6 Exciting Comics Series To Check Out In 2016


Well, it’s the start of a new year, and even with the near end of the football season, I’ve decided to look ahead to a few new and continuing series that might snatch up your attention and be worth looking into as we head into 2016.



I’m admittedly a bit of a Guardians of the Galaxy homer, but the thing that has me chomping at the bit to take a gander at this series is the fact that it’s being helmed by none other than Skottie Young. So much about his work harkens to my childhood spent with Calvin & Hobbes.  I’m hoping so much of the humor and action that made his standalone Rocket Raccoon series work will be present in this new series.



Another new spin on a series that has had plenty of rehashed tales, this one focuses on an X-Men squad led by Magneto. Add to the mix that Sabretooth is in there and my interest is peaked. It’s hard to tell whether or not this will be able to reel in the more casual fans out there, but having the bad guys gearing up as X-Men seems pretty cool.



Star Wars is the tits right now, and Marvel is smart to capitalize. This series falls somewhere between Episode 1 & 2, so after Anakin was an annoying little shit with awful catchphrases and awkward pickup lines, but before he started bitching about random shit like sand and democracy. In all seriousness, it’s always fun to see a new direction in this series, and Disney is going to green light anything that could line their pockets a bit more. Worth a gander.



This series kicked off late last year and has all the makings of a great horror noir. It’s a story about a cop named Rowena Black, who apparently happens to be a witch. With a name like Rowena Black, I’m the least surprised person that she is a witch. Nomenclature aside, the debut issue was a sharp little tale and the artwork is haunting. Check it out.



This has been a longer running series, but the story is starting to get really really good. There are about a bajillion storylines tho, so get a bulletin board and lots of pushpins to keep yourself abreast. Oh, and look back. Still, it’s all starting to come together.



Yeah, I’m not going to write a “Exciting Comics” article and not push this gem. With a story that’s spanned over 30 issues (the 33rd installment arrives later this month) you’d expect a few lulls in the story. Yet creators Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples continue to develop a fabulous story that doesn’t just center around a few characters, but rather, many. It’s the depth of the characters that make this book continue to receive critical acclaim. If you’re not checking this out you’re really doing yourself a disservice.
Are there any comics you’re looking forward to reading this year?  Drop us a line in the comments!

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