Alien Revisited



“Game over man…game over!”

Everything about this film is bigger and better. The marines are all cliche but wonderfully played by a great cast. I love Sarge. He should be in every marine movie. I truly believe that James Cameron is the glue that holds all of these great pieces together. This could have been a pile of crap in lesser hands but instead what we get is a science fiction masterpiece.

The relationship between Ripley and Newt is well acted and really pulls you through the film. I believe that Ripley is emotionally attached to this child and I want her to win. Without this thread, would we be as invested? Maybe, but it wouldn’t have the depth or the emotion.

If the original Alien was horror in space done right, then this is action horror in space, done to perfection. I found myself trying to find something that I could nit pick, but other than an out dated flying effect there was nothing. This film is amazing and by far the best in the series. The original still has a special place in my heart but this one is a masterpiece. You owe it to yourself to see this film. Oh…and then there’s that ending…

“Get away from her…you bitch!”

Five Borts from five! (Awesome!!!)


Alien 3


I now remember why I have gone so long without seeing this film. From the opening credits the lack of respect is evident. Both of the previous films open with a slow buildup to the title across the screen but this one just slaps the title on screen and moves on. Last film everything Cameron did was deliberate for world building, as well as a nod to the first. It respected the original while telling its own story. This does not. The plot seems to be contrived around getting an alien onto this planet, even if it doesn’t make sense.

Once we get the setup out of the way, the face hugger attacks a dog, and soon an alien is bursting from said dog. Just as quickly it grows to adult size and begins killing. Yet, Ripley can have one inside her that doesn’t even burst out until the end of the film?

I have to say the highlight here has to be Charles Dance. Yes, Tywin Lannister is the doctor here. I love watching him work. He just chews the scenery every time he is on screen, even with a bad script. It’s a shame his character had to die.

Then there are the effects. Gone is Stan Winston, and apparently the money as well. Never in the first two films did I see stop motion used for the aliens, yet I saw it here at least three times. The sets looked cheap and I kept thinking the shots of people falling into the incinerator thing could have been better. It was the 90’s after all, around the time of T2 which had effects miles above this. Oh, that’s right, James Cameron did that film…and we all suffer through an inferior Alien 3 as a result. I would skip this one, it’s not worth the time… and that is a very sad thing for me to say.

Two Borts out of five. (Could be worse.)

R.A. Miller

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