Batman dead at 51

Route 29 Batman

Lenny B. Robinson, also known as the Route 29 Batman, has for the past several years dressed up as Batman and drove around in his custom built 60’s inspired Batmobile. He brought happiness and smiles to the faces of little kids that were sick in area hospitals and in need of a distraction, or just a smile.

Monday night was just a typical night for this Batman. He stopped to get gas at a local Maryland gas station, where he was greeted by some friendly folks, including some kids. He gave the kids some super hero stuff from his Batmobile and went on his way. Shortly after leaving the gas station, the Batmobile’s engine starting having troubles, causing him to pull over on I-70.

The Batmobile was not all the way off the road when a Toyota Camry slammed into it, sending the Batmobile into Lenny’s body. He died on the scene. He was 51.

Lenny “Batman” Robinson’s funeral is scheduled for Wednesday in Owings Mill, Maryland.

Did you know there was a real life Batman? Read more about the amazing things this Batman did in the Washington Post, then tell us in comments what you think.


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