Batman v. Superman: The Hype

It’s a movie that’s proving to be all hype, and here’s three reasons why I still don’t care.

1. It’s a “Man of Steel” sequel


Man of Steel was a horrible movie. It would have been better if it wasn’t an actual Superman movie . . . instead, it could have explored the superhero genre with original characters using the tropes to break down the genre. Like Watchmen for movies, but not like the Watchmen movie, because that was awful. Oh, and like Dawn of Justice, it was directed by Zack Snyder.

2. Ben Affleck as Batman


What can I say about BatFleck that the Internet hasn’t yelled since he was given the role? Affleck is not a bad actor, but he already had his shot at playing a superhero, and DareDevil failed miserably. (He played it like a blind Batman, so there is that.) This was a political casting, mark my words; Ben Affleck will direct a DC superhero movie within the next two years.

Also, I just don’t care about “dark and broody” Batman anymore. I want a Caped Crusader.

3. Superhero fight

Batman-Superman-fightI don’t want my superheroes to fight among themselves. I want them to fight against villains. You know . . . the thing that superheroes are bred to do. (Having said that, I am excited for Captain America: Civil War. That’s a clash of ideology, not just a matter of “let’s see who would win in a fight.”)

Yes, I know that parts of Dawn of Justice are based on Batman: The Dark Night Returns by the once-respected Frank Miller.  We have all seen Batman’s power armor, and it looks like they pulled it straight out of the comic. That story is about an aged Batman fighting against the powerful “MAN,” who Superman was a stooge for. From everything I have seen, this story feels more like “Lex Luthor uses Batman to take out Superman because reasons.”

Bonus: Zack Snyder


Seriously. This guy. Fuck him.



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