Comic Review Roundup I: “Bizarro” #2 (2015) & More!

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This week I picked up three new comics off the rack, all of them packed with both action and humor. I’m glad to say that all of them were engaging reads, but what was right and what was wrong with the sophomore efforts of BIZARRO, DEADPOOL’S SECRET SECRET WARS, and GROOT?

Onto the reviews:



This story just continues to please. The artwork is amazing, the story is the right combination of goofy and exciting, and the characters are a ton of fun. The road trip that Jimmy Olsen and Bizarro choose to take ends up taking them through a number of recognizable DC locales – Bizarro’s touristy shirt in Starling City is a gas for anyone familiar with the CW’s hit series ARROW – while moving this totally zany story in a new direction. Just a thrill of a comic. I am so sad it’s a limited series.

5-5 Borts



I’m not the world’s biggest Deadpool fan, but this series is a whole lot of fun just for the way it consistently pokes fun at the Marvel Universe throughout. Deadpool possesses both great narration as well as scathing insight on some of the more uptight superheroes. The fact that this series might end up with Deadpool and Lizard as partners makes me look forward to the next issue.

4-5 Borts



The first issue of GROOT was fun, and the follow-up is even better. While not super-heavy on action, it does give the reader insight on how Groot copes with the fact that no one understands him. The original meeting of Groot and Rocket Raccoon is on display, and it’s a surprisingly sweet tale. It’s rare that a book I expect to be funny throws a sentimental curveball that makes me like it even more, but GROOT # 2 succeeds in that.

5-5 Borts

There you have it! Three series that are a blast. Check them out he next time you visit a comic book retailer!

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