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It’s no secret that I’m a fantasy guy. I read fantasy, breathe fantasy, and even occasionally write fantasy. Much like every fantasy author, I consume all the fantasy I can get my hands on. So when I discovered this author, I was excited. I found dragons, elves, and even vampires. All things that tend to get me excited. With the second book in his World of Oris series coming out this December, and the cover reveal tonight at 6pm, I had to read his first book.

The Orb of Wrath is a high fantasy novel set in the world of Oris. Full of adventure, intrigue, and plenty of action is the tale of brothers Erion and Mithir and their quest to obtain the Orb of Wrath. Along the way they join up with a quirky cast of characters in search of the Orb.

While it was slow to start, I found myself immersed into the world and wanting to see more. I read the whole book in an afternoon, not wanting to put it down. By the time I reached the end, I was ready to turn to the next book. Luckily, we don’t have long to wait.

I sought out Mr. Weissman for an interview, to see what made this man tick and what we could expect from the next book in this series.

What brought you to write in the Fantasy genre?

I have always liked the genre as a reader. I also had interest for many years in world-building. In fact, this is how the writing interest came to me.

Who are your favorite Fantasy authors and why?

This one cannot be very original. In this genre, there is Tolkien and then everybody else. He not only founded a genre, but also wrote one of the best (let’s say) three books of the 20th century (of any genre). I could talk for hours about all Tolkien’s merits. But those have been already extensively studied and are well known.

What is your writing process like? How long does it take you to write a novel?

First, I think about the general idea of the book, like a half page summary. But I don’t even write it. Then I list the chapters to chop that story in blocks, and I write like three of four lines to briefly describe each. This is a very loose, undetailed and inaccurate outline on purpose. I want to keep it that way to have flexibility and space to create while I write the book. This outline will then have many, many tweaks and updates during the process that follows. At this point I have spent like three days.

Then I throw myself into writing. I write ten pages, twenty, and go on and on. I don’t stop. I don’t go back. I don’t read what I wrote. I just keep going. One thing I do is I take notes as I go for the coming plot. For example, if I make a knot in chapter two and I plan to untie it later, I take a note about it in my outline so that I will remember to do that in the relevant chapter. Only when I finish the book and I am done with the full first draft, does a very long tweaking and editing process starts. I really enjoy the part of the process when I just write and write at a fast pace. The whole process takes about five months.

How long have you been writing?

I have been writing as long as I can remember, but always small things for myself. Only like two years back I decided to start attacking larger projects, even a standard length novel.

The actual trigger for my first fantasy novel actually started about 15 years ago. I spent a year to write a large and detailed fantasy world. I defined more than 700 cities for example. Then about a year ago I was flipping through it and I decided to try to get some characters alive in that environment to be able to share it.

Are you interested in other genres? What are they?

Sure. As it commonly happens with fantasy fans I also like science fiction. But I have interest for other ones like historical fiction and mystery.

Do you find it harder to write and self-publish, or market your books? Why?

This self-publishing thing is a new paradigm; a miracle, even. Any aspiring writer today can (for sure) become a published writer. So, I would say that writing and publishing is definitively easier. However that is only half the work. Marketing the book is the other part, and this one is obviously more difficult if you work by yourself.

Where can people find you on the internet?

I am in all social media. Best places are my website and my facebook page But you can find also some interesting material I created in, my blog in Tumblr and all the other common sites.

Tell me anything else that you would like included or for readers to know about you and/or your works.

If you like fantasy or adventure books, I just want to encourage you to give it a try. The Orb of Wrath, my first novel, is free in ebook format. Then if you like it, the second one is about to come out. Today I am presenting the cover in a facebook event and the book will come out before xmas.

The Orb of Wrath, available now at

Orb of Wrath

The sequel, The White Lady, is scheduled to release this Christmas:

As introduced at the end of The Orb of Wrath, the heroes will start a new quest to recover The Eye that Sees it All, a powerful scrying magic artifact. To achieve their goals they will need to travel from the Kingdom of Bor to Darphem, the kingdom of Dwarves. In his trip, they will have many adventures and they will visit other fantastic places like Ellis, the country of elves.

With the successful formula already used in The Orb of Wrath this sequel combines multiple elements: first and foremost, epic fantasy adventure. But also political plots, interviewed stories, a touch of humor, a touch of drama and even a love story.

This new story gives the reader a new opportunity to explore more of the vast World of Oris.

You can find the author on the following social media platforms, or head over to to see more:

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