J. J. Abrams’ & Hulu’s “11.22.63” Gets Its First Full Length Trailer


As a life-long fan of Stephen King and a lover of his novel 11.22.63, I have been looking forward to this since it was announced. The book was a fantastic thriller, and after the amazing experience that was The Force Awakens, I have complete faith in Abrams adapting the source material correctly. With 8 episodes to flesh out the 1100+ page novel, there’s plenty of room for character growth. The biggest change that we have seen so far is that Franco’s character has a companion during his time traveling journey.

“Neither of us wanted to do a voiceover,” Executive Producer Bridget Carpenter said. “The book is such a great internal experience. J.J.’s excellent idea is he needs somebody with him so he can be dramatic so he’s not just staring hard at things all the time. J.J. helped me draw a character who existed in king’s book but I shifted him and made him more of a compatriot.”

Watch the all-new full-length trailer below:

11.22.63 premieres on Hulu February 15th, starring James Franco and T. R. Knight.

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