“Jessica Jones” and the Continued Frustration of DC Entertainment


Comparing Marvel and DC at the theater is a one-sided argument. Outside of the Nolan-verse, Marvel has hit it out of the park, while DC is still striking out at t-ball. In the realm of television, meanwhile, DC has seized the moment, propelling to the top of the small screen with hits in Arrow and The Flash. Gotham has been hit-and-miss, and Supergirl has garnered adequate early praise.

Yet the DC party is about to end.

Despite all of that success, DC finds itself looking up at the quality of their small screen product, thanks in large part to Netflix and Daredevil. Most viewers would agree that the gritty series that aired earlier this year was an incredible hit. The fact that it was limited to a streaming service was no problem, as people are already clamoring for Season 2.

On November 20th, Netflix will release another series that takes place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the form of Jessica Jones. In many ways, this is the worst possible thing for DC programming: not only is it another series made by Netflix, but it also centers around a strong female lead…virtually raining all over the Supergirl parade. If Jessica Jones is even in the same ballpark as Daredevil in terms of entertainment value, it’s going to crush the soul of DC’s television dreams.

Here are a few things to look for in the new series and reasons why it is so damning to DC Entertainment…

 Jessica-Jones-Luke-CageA Progressive Statement

Although it’s too early to tell if Jessica Jones will own Netflix as Daredevil managed to in early 2015, it is telling that Marvel’s first female lead comes to the small screen only weeks after DC did the same with Supergirl. Many entertainment writers have DC high praise after announcing a Wonder Woman film in the works…and Marvel upped the ante with a Captain Marvel movie on the horizon.

Netflix brought the grim and grit to Daredevil, making it the best superhero title on the small screen. If the trailers for Jessica Jones tell anything, it’s to expect more darkness. Supergirl, your time as TV’s top heroine might be over before it even had a chance to begin.

 Jessica-Jones12. A Lesser-Known Property

Diehard comic fans are likely familiar with Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and the team known as the Defenders, but your average person wouldn’t know where to begin with these characters. Meanwhile, DC is rolling out its television lineup with characters like the Flash, Supergirl, and the characters of the Batman universe. In other words, DC is bringing out their A-listers, while Marvel is completely content with bringing in relative unknowns.

This bodes well for Marvel because, even without having to pull names like Spider-Man, Iron Man, or the Hulk, they are making bank. Perhaps their best MCU feature film, Guardians of the Galaxy, has gone from being totally unknown to a household name. DC, meanwhile, has to showcase the big guns to be taken seriously. Even Arrow, who is probably a 2nd-tier superhero at best in the comics, borrows heavily from Batman lore in his own CW series.

Marvel can keep bringing up B-list characters and making them marketable, while DC needs that name recognition to make their own product sell. Teaming up with Disney is a very good thing, apparently.


 3. Ensnaring the Fanboys

Perhaps the most intelligent move by Marvel and Netflix was in the casting for Jessica Jones. While Krysten Ritter and Mike Colter as Jessica Jones and Luke Cage didn’t set the world on fire, casting the primary villain set off a huge pop. David Tennant in the role of Kilgrave created one massive Whovian orgasm. The beloved star of Doctor Who is sure to attract the attention of those fans to Jessica Jones to see just how the 10th Doctor will fare as a comic book baddie.

Memorable villains are just as crucial as likeable heroes. While The Flash, Arrow, and even Gotham have done an admirable job in creating small-screen bad guys with larger-than-life personalities, none of them managed to create a villain quite as complex, layered, and violent as Vincent D’Onofrio’s Wilson “The Kingpin” Fisk in Daredevil. If Tennant can bring the goods as well as D’Onofrio managed to, Jessica Jones will be a smash.

Are you looking forward to Jessica Jones? Do you agree that Marvel continues to kick DC in the crotch at every turn in the world of movies and television? Leave us a comment below!

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Dave McCallister

Jessica Jones is HOT. I am not sure exactly why the show is not going the way I thought it was. I will keep watching as long as there are episodes on.