New 'Batman v Superman' Trailer Shown at Comic-Con

A new trailer was shown this week in San Diego. Does this new Comic-Con offering impress or leave us cold? Check after the break and find out.

I freely admit that my love for Batman v Superman has been waning the past few months. The more I heard about it and the more I watched that teaser trailer, the less excited I was to see it. I did not care for Man of Steel at all and this was looking and sounding more and more like that film to me. Then we were adding in a bunch of new characters and cameos, packing in more heroes and villains then The Avengers.

But things changed for me with this new trailer. We are shown more of Bruce Wayne’s side of things. We see that he was there in the streets when the battle between Supes and Zod happened. He witnessed the buildings come down and steroidssaleguide people dying. This probably shaping his view of the alien in blue as a bad thing. We see images and a voice over from Alfred of Bruce training and making it his mission to stop Superman. There is a trial for Superman where he must explain himself. We get our first look at Lex and him trying to manipulate Superman. I have to say that I am happy with Jesse Eisenberg’s performance here.

Wonder Woman

We also get footage of Wonder Woman fighting, mostly soldiers of some sort. But this feels very tacked on. I still don’t see how she fits into this story. I know that there will also be an appearance from Aquaman and others, but I can’t see why yet. Are we looking at this conflict of heroes exploding and bringing out others who were staying in the shadows? Is this going to be DC’s Civil War?

I have heard rumor from sources saying that Aquaman could be the villain in the film and Batman and Superman must reconcile their issues to take on this new foe. While that would be awesome, this trailer doesn’t give me hope for that. It is setting up a very clear cut story between The Dark Knight and Supers, yet there is that Wonder Woman footage that seems out of place. But at least they got me reinvested in the film. Having basically written it off since its inception, I now look forward to finding out how it all plays out.

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