Off the Shelf: Stephen King Triple Pack


Salem’s Lot (1975)

It’s an early October evening, the kids are tucked in, and you are curled up on the couch all alone save for your trusty iPad. The glow from it’s screen is the only light in a sea of dark. You open the Kindle app and begin the next chapter of Salem’s Lot, eagerly anticipating what could happen next. A sound from the next room startles you out of the book.

There it is again.

You call out but no one answers. You begin reading again. A few minutes later there is a shuffling sound to your right and a strange shadow catches your eye. You turn off the iPad and decide it safer to crawl into your nice safe bed.

That’s what it’s like to read Salem’s Lot, and you’re only on chapter 2.

King has a way with setting a mood that is pretty great. You get the sense that you are there in that town and have been there for years. You become a part of it and are that much more invested for it. The same holds true for the characters. He not only gives us great detail about each one but some great inner thoughts that really strengthen the character’s arc. When something bad happens you are on the edge of your seat worried whether or not they survive.

Then there are the vampires. The sparkly wusses in Twilight would piss themselves if faced with these undead monsters. These are real vampires that pose a real danger. They keep you up at night. They make you afraid to read in the dark.

A fantastic book with kick ass characters and a great ending make for a great read. I absolutely recommend this book to supernatural fans, and really anyone looking for a great old school horror tale. One of King’s best.

Four Borts from five. (Pretty good!)


R.A. Miller

R. A. Miller, the pen name of Robert Miller, spends his days working for the Suncoast Media Group and his nights writing for Deck Ape, as well as his own fiction. A graduate of Full Sail University with a BFA in Creative Writing for Entertainment, Robert uses his knowledge and his skills to create spectacular, page turning fiction.

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