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This film had a lot to live up to going in.  It is presented as a direct sequel to the Toby Hooper original from 1974, ignoring every other Texas Chainsaw movie since then.  This could be a good thing or a bad thing.  It mostly turned out to be a good thing.  Most of, OK all of, the other movies were pretty bad.  So much so that the only one I still have in my collection is the original.  So already the bar is set low.

I did appreciate the opening that showed a bunch of footage from the original to get everyone up to speed on what happened without a lot of exposition.  This leads into the sheriff pulling up outside the house to confront the father and arrest Jed, better known to us as Leatherface.  I’m with it until this point.  This is where a bunch of new people show up and take up guns inside the house to protect Jed and the family.  Who are these people?  Why are we just now seeing them?  We are led to believe in the first film that there is only a handful of men and almost dead grandpa upstairs.  There were no women there yet in this one there was a woman with a child.

I’m confused, but giving it the benefit of the doubt.  Even when the dumb redneck takes the baby I am still going with it.  I want to see where this is going.  The sheriff, however, is pretty useless and not very bright.  Many years later when the baby is a full grown, and smoking hot, the sheriff is still useless and a waste of space.  Here is the crux of my problem.  The characters that accompany Heather to Texas are not the brightest bunch but adequate enough because I know that they are going to die, and they do in spectacular fashion.


The characters of the town are in fact awful.  The man who started the torching of the Sawyer house in 1974, Burt, is now mayor?  How did that happen?  The sheriff is still around as the sheriff?  I find both of these things suspect but whatever, I let go.  The young deputy being the Mayor’s son was telegraphed too well.  You see that coming and it does not play well.  The sheriff is still useless and fumbling and the mayor is annoying and overacting.

Heather is good and I do buy her turn at the end to side with her cousin, Leatherface.  It was gradual and worked for me in the confines of the movie’s running time.  I just couldn’t get over the terrible characters of Burt, the sheriff, and Burt’s kid.  Either they were terribly written or terribly acted.  Given that I was fine with the rest of the film makes me lean towards terribly acted.  Still, another miss in trying to recapture the original’s awesomeness but I think worthy of remaining in my collection, for now anyway.  Skip every Texas Chainsaw movie since the original but give this one a look via Redbox or Netflix.

Three Borts out of five. (Average or so.)

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