Review: 'Old Man Logan' Issue #1

Old Man Logan 1

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Artist: Andrea Sorrentino

Sometimes comic book writers come up with really cool ideas that take familiar characters and put them into completely different settings. “Marvel 1602” comes to mind, with the Marvel Universe being thrust into the Victorian Age. Or whatever that era was.

OLD MAN LOGAN does the same.  But in a different era.

On to the review.

(Ratings are 1-5, with 5 being the highest)

Story – 5

Holy crap. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I ended up loving the heck out of this issue. This is rough, gritty, visceral stuff. Basically Logan is an older man now, but he still packs a punch. He reminds me of William Munny (Eastwood’s character in “Unforgiven”), kicking ass and not bothering home to take names except for whoever is trying to throw around their weight. An amazing action sequence to start the story really kept me zoned. Side stories with the likes of Emma Frost, Ultron, and the daughter of Luke Cage and Jessica Jones offered tempting morsels of what is to come.

Art – 5

For me, the art is all about matching the mood of the story. In each of the ROCKET RACCOON,BIZARRO, and GROOT series, the mood is light, so the artwork is cartoonish. In OLD MAN LOGAN, the atmosphere is brutal and unforgiving. We se this in the art. Lots of blood. Lots of wear and tear. This isn’t a beautiful place to live, but the artist does a beautiful job in conveying the mood of the story.

Readability – 4

This is a story for adults, as many comics are. It’s a savage tale. That said, some of what is going on might confuse the casual reader. A lot of it gets explained – particularly the Daredevil costume issue – but it might throw people at first. Go into this story understanding it is something new.

Overall – 5

Great comics start out like this one. I’m hooked on figuring out what is next for Old Man Logan. This story has a weird Unforgiven/Mad Max vibe to it. It’s definitely exciting and new. Casual readers should give this one a shot. It might just be the hook they need to get into comics altogether.

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Jonathan Praise

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