Recap – “The Flash” Season 2 Episode 18: Versus Zoom

In this episode Barry receives a tachyon device that helps him run 4 times faster than he ever has before. Will it help him take down Zoom?

After a retelling of Barry being taken in by the Wests, we see an 11 year old Jay (Hunter Zoloman) watch his father kill his mother and be taken to an orphanage that looks more like a prison than a home. Hunter Zoloman grew up at the orphanage to be a convicted serial killer with 20 confirmed kills. Zoom was created when the Earth 2 particle accelerator blew up and he was getting shock therapy.

Cisco’s powers are discussed to possibly be the easiest way to reopen a breach to Earth 2. When he almost pokes through to the other side he suddenly stops and asks Barry to not have him try again. Good thing because Zoom was waiting for him to open the door. After a pep talk from Barry, a little later in the episode, Cisco decides to open a breach.

Barry finds himself in a race against Zoom that ends with Zoom taking Wally West captive. He then demands Barry’s speed for Wally’s safe return. Barry agrees, letting Harry steal his speed to give to Zoom. After Zoom gets Barry’s speed, Zoom runs off with Caitlin.


Personal Thoughts:

This was a set up story. We learned Zoom’s origin and got into his head, learning his plan. Shock therapy during the particle explosion is one nasty way of getting powers. If you have been reading these you may have the idea that I am a fan of Jay Garrick from the comics. Naturally, you would assume that I hate the fact that this show used his identity for it’s big bad. Normally you would be right, but the story is so good that I don’t care. The real problem I have is that he played at being a hero to give people hope so he could take it away now that he is evil. I loved the numerous call outs to Keystone City. (The place where Jay Garrick is from in the comics) I think the man in the mask is a Hunter who wanted to be a hero or maybe the real Jay Garrick.

Five Borts from five! (Awesome!!!)


Next week Barry must contend with the super strong Griffen Grey. How will he manage without his powers?

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