Recap: ‘The Flash’ Season 2 Episode 22: Invincible

Cisco keeps having visions of dead and dying birds. What could it mean?

Central City is on fire. Literally. Zoom’s Metahuman army is taking it by force and the police can’t even hold the line against them. Before too much of the budget is wasted on an exciting battle, Flash runs in and takes a squad out by himself. Mercury labs is being attacked by Black Canary? Oh, it’s actually her Earth-2 doppelganger, Black Siren, who has the ability to create sonic blasts with her voice. After his time in the Speed Force, Barry is overconfident. Unfortunately, no one can talk to him about it. While Zoom and Barry are bantering at CCPD, Siren is bringing another building down. Caitlin finally makes it back to STAR Labs, but keeps having hallucinations of Zoom.



Meanwhile, the city is in danger and Wally West has decided to deal out some vigilante justice. When he hears about this The Flash tries to talk him out of it. Good thing Wally doesn’t listen because Siren is kicking Flash’s ass until Wally hits her with his car. The team figures out a way of taking out everyone from Earth-2 by generating a shockwave that will wreak havoc with anyone that vibrates at the frequency of Earth 2. Just as this is explained, Siren is spotted at the high rise district. In the stupidest move in several episodes, Cisco and Caitlin pretend to be their Doppelgangers in an effort to stop her. Luck is on their side it seems, because just as Siren figures out their ruse, the plan is put into action. Everyone from Earth-2 is down, except Zoom, who runs back home. Bad news: The precautions they took for Harry and Jessie fail and Harry is also knocked out. When everyone meets up for dinner, Cisco’s visions of dead birds finally make sense. He now also sees Earth-2 splitting down the middle. If that wasn’t bad enough, Zoom runs, grabs Henry, and kills him right in front of Barry.

Personal Thoughts:

The meeting, and what looked like maybe the start of a relationship between Dr. McGee and Henry Allen, was a nice touch. Henry’s actor, John Wesley Shipp, once played Barry Allen (The Flash – 1990) and Amanda Pays plays Tina McGee in both shows, except in the first one she was his will-they-won’t-they love interest. I did not see his death coming, but after it happened I don’t know what else they could have done to make this bigger than last season. I wonder what they will do next year. Barry is out of blood relatives for the big villain to kill.

It’s nice to see that Wally will be joining the team now, but I wonder if he will get powers? It was a little easy to have him side swipe Siren to save The Flash. Once more, they didn’t kill the villain of the week; or in this case, the entire metahuman army. I do hope we see some of them next year. I had a good time watching this, at least until Henry’s death, and I loved seeing Katie Cassidy stretch her wings as Black Siren.

 Next time: The season finale with Zoom and Flash in a death race.

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