Recap: ‘The Flash’ Season 2 Episodes 19 – 21

First up, Episode 19 – Back to Normal. After giving up his speed to Zoom, Barry is having a hard time adjusting to life as a normal person again. How will he handle a new threat without his powers?

Zoom is keeping Caitlin as a prisoner in his lair. She quickly discovers that Killer Frost is being kept with the man in the metal mask in Zoom’s lair. Harry decides to go chasing after his daughter and ends up kidnapped by Griffin Grey, a Metahuman with super strength. Unfortunately for Grey, every time he uses his strength, he ages at an accelerated rate. Grey has mistaken Harry for the Earth-1 Harrison Wells, whom he blames for his condition.


Grey breaks into the Ace Chemical Plant to steal supplies for Harry to use in his “cure.” It’s here that Team Flash confronts him and all — most notably Barry — are handily defeated. (Grey even follows up with the quip “Not fast enough” just to twist the knife.) The team comes up with a plan to make Grey exert himself so much that he ages to the point that he can’t use his powers anymore. Back on Earth-2, Caitlin breaks Frost out of her cell only to have the ice queen try to kill her. Zoom returns, scolds Caitlin for her escape attempt, and then tells her that he’s decided to take over Earth-1.

Cisco and Jessie upgrade the Flash suit with a special metal so Barry can take a punch from the super strong Grey, but only one punch and only in the chest. The gang uses some trickery to confuse Grey and keep him angry. He keeps using his strength only to find himself becoming older and older, until he finally succumbs to old age and dies. The episode ends with Harry promising Barry that he is going to do everything he can to get Barry’s speed back.

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