“Renegades: The Series” is about to double its initial crowdfunding goal!

With under 12 hours remaining for post-production funding, Renegades has raised more than 200% of their initial goal of $60,000 trying to reach $150,000.

Formerly Star Trek: Renegades, the series has been “de-Trek-ified” due to CBS fan production guidelines. It sallies forth as a continuing saga of the Confederation and those

Thanks to John Brewer for the cover art!
Thanks to John Brewer for the cover art!

attempting to destroy it. Renegades is directed by Tim Russ and produced by Sky Conway, Clayton Turnage, Frank Zanca, Ryan Husk and several others. It features countless former Star Trek and sci-fi actors, including Walter Koenig, Nichelle Nichols, Tim Russ, Robert Beltran,  Terry Ferrell, Gary Graham, and Corin Nemec.

 >> See the full cast and crew list on IMDB.

The first episode of the series has already been released. Episodes 2 and 3 (The Requiem) are currently in post-production. I had the opportunity to spend 3 days on set working with this very talented cast and crew in June. All the cast were very gracious and it was evident they had passion for Renegades.  Tim was a true artist, usually making several takes to get the perfect feel.   The crew, likewise, were passionate working long days assisting to get the scenes filmed.
There will also be a series of books by Michael Koogler and a board game, Destiny Aurora: Renegades, by Frank Zanca.  Both are well worth a look and purchase.  More information on where to find these will be coming soon. In the meantime, please support these great actors and this phenomenal series.  We hope to make more!

Check out Renegades on IndieGoGo – Learn more about the ambitious series, and contribute if you’re able!

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