Return Dates For Your Favorite Geeky and Comic Book TV Shows


It’s hard keeping track of all your favorite shows each season, there are so many great shows out there. With many of your favorite geeky or comic shows set to come back for the second half of their season, or ready to start a new one, we here at DMC have gone through the trouble compiling them for you. Take a look at our handy dandy list of all the comic book based or geek shows finding their way to your televisions between now and March.

January 1:
Sherlock: The Abominable Bride (PBS, special)

January 3:
The Simpsons (Fox, Season 27B premieres)
Family Guy (Fox, Season 14B premieres)

January 4:
Supergirl (CBS, Season 1B premieres)

January 5:

The Shannara Chronicles (MTV, series premiere)
Teen Wolf (MTV, Season 5B premieres)

January 6:
The Goldbergs (ABC, Season 3B premieres)
American Horror Story: Hotel (FX, midseason premiere)

January 7:
The Big Bang Theory 
(CBS, Season 9B premieres)
Heroes Reborn (NBC, Season 1B premieres)
WWE SmackDown (USA, network premiere)

January 10:
Bob’s Burgers (Fox, Season 6B premieres)

January 12:
iZombie (The CW, Season 2B premieres)

January 13:
Second Chance (Fox, series premiere)

January 16:

Sesame Street (HBO, Season 46 premieres; first time on network)

January 19:
Marvel’s Agent Carter (ABC, Season 2 premieres)
The Flash (The CW, Season 2B premieres)

January 20:
Supernatural (The CW, Season 11B premieres)
Arrow (The CW, Season 4B premieres)

January 21:
DC Legends of Tomorrow (The CW, series premiere)

January 24:
The X-Files (Fox, limited series premiere)

January 25:
Lucifer (Fox, series premiere)

January 29:
Grimm (NBC, Season 5B premieres)
The Vampire Diaries (The CW, Season 7B premieres on a new night)

February 2:
The Muppets (ABC, Season 1B premieres)

February 5:
Sleepy Hollow (Fox, Season 3B premieres on a new night)

February 7:

The Venture Bros. (Adult Swim, Season 6 premiere)

February 14:
The Walking Dead (AMC, Season 6B premieres)

February 15:
Better Call Saul (AMC, Season 2 premieres)
11.22.63 (Hulu, series premiere)

February 29:
Gotham (Fox, Season 2B premieres)

March 4:
House of Cards (Netflix, Season 4 premieres)

March 6:
Once Upon a Time 
(ABC, Season 5B premieres)

March 8:
Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (ABC, Season 3B premieres)

April (Date TBD):


Game of Thrones (HBO, Season 6 premieres)


For the full list of shows, head on over to Deadline.

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