Review: “Archie Vs. Sharknado” by Anthony C. Ferrante with Dan Parent


Writer: Anthony C. Ferrante

Artist: Dan Parent

“What I was doing instead of watching Sharknado 3.”  – Christopher Stump

We start in Washington D.C., with Betty, Veronica, and her father; who is proposing something we never get an explanation to. Then BOOM… sharknado! Mr. Lodge and nameless others die, but the girls get out only covered in blood. Enough about that, we have too see the rest of the gang at the beach where nothing happens until shark attack, but Sabrina will save them. No wait, she dies in three panels. Betty and Veronica are trying to make their way home. Apparently they can magically fix a helicopter and replace the blades with swords. No that’s it. Here, they all meet up, kill sharks, and put a bomb in the middle of the tornado to destroy it.


Sorry if that wasn’t my normal retelling of a plot but I couldn’t take any more. The characters are worse than the ones in the Sharknado movies, the art while nice and  in the Archie style is horrible in the action scenes especially the helicopter. How does Betty know helicopter repair? How do two teenagers replace the blades with swords? When did  Veronica become a crack shot with a crossbow? Why were Josie and the Pussycats here and not in the Predator comics? Why were the characters treated better by Dark Horse than Archie Comics?  I wanted to enjoy this, but no, I just got angrier and angrier. My perception is fire and lots of it.

What was something you wanted to love but came up shit?

Zero Pieces o' Bort! (Complete crap.)@ManCalledStump


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