Review: Dead Snow Red vs Dead (2014)


Dead Snow: Red vs Dead, is the sequel to the 2009 Norwegian film Dead Snow. Starring Vegar Hoel (Dead Snow) and Martin Starr (Silicon Valley), the protagonist Martin is back, but so are the Nazi zombies.

In the last film, Martin and his friends discovered a box of Nazi gold in a mountain cabin, which triggered the zombies to animate and come for the gold. All but Martin were killed in very gruesome ways. This sequel picks up moments after Martin seemingly gets away. A fight with the Nazi commander Herzog ensues, resulting in the commander having his arm ripped off and it landing in the seat beside Martin. He crashes his car, doctors attach the zombie arm thinking it was Martin’s but Martin’s was atop the mountain because Martin had cut it off with a chainsaw in the last film.

Now Martin has this zombie arm that he discovers can bring people back from the dead, but only as zombies that are bound to him, much like Herzog does with his Nazi’s. Martin gets aid from a group of Americans called the Zombie Squad and resurrect an army of dead Russian soldiers to take out the Nazi threat. A huge, and awesome, battle takes place and the final battle is carried out atop a rolling tank. With the Nazi zombie threat seemingly taken care of, Martin goes to the grave of the girlfriend he accidentally killed in the last film, and does something I absolutely did not expect. I won’t spoil that for you. I think it loses some of its wow factor if I discuss it.

From the opening sequence, this film has it all. The action is well shot and well written. The humor is all over the film and done with perfection. It’s gory, exciting, and down right crazy, but I loved every second of it. The cast was perfect for this film. Every character was acted and written with just the right amount of serious and self-deprecating humor. At one point during the massive battle between the Russian zombies and the Nazi’s, one of the local cops makes the comment that it looks like something out of a computer game.

The first film was tons of fun and one the best horror films I’ve seen in the past decade. This one manages to up the ante and be even more enjoyable than the first. It’s fun, funny, and at times witty. Herzog is a greta villain and Martin is great, yet flawed, protagonist. The mid credits scene sets up a third film and if they do make one, I’m all in. Get your buddies together, pop some popcorn, and pop this one in for one Hell of a good time!

Five Borts from five! (Awesome!!!)

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