Review: Fear The Walking Dead “So Close, Yet So Far”

Fear the Walking Dead Chris

The second episode of this prequel series picks up right where the last one left off and punches us in the gut. The theme of civilization failing, really takes hold here, yet through the guise of excellent character development and more superb acting.

The episode begins with Travis, Madison, and Nick freaking out and trying to gather the rest of their family. Alicia is taking care of her sick boyfriend and Chris, Travis’ son, is on a bus not wanting to talk to his father. It seems crazy that Alicia would just walk into her boyfriend’s house with the front door ajar, but this is where she finds her boyfriend Matt in a bad way. We find out that he is bitten, something that both Madison and Travis understand to be a very bad thing. They collect Alicia, but from there the rest of the episode scatters our characters.

This is a good thing, though, because it forces the writers to either deepen each character and make us love them more, or hate them and not care. In this case, they deepen and become more human, people we want to root for and are worried about when the shit hits the fan.

Madison’s reluctance at first to accept what is happening or to act when Tobias is getting attacked rang very true. What would you do in that situation? That scene was well done and helped further Madison’s arc. And then there’s Tobias. I was so glad to see him back. His knowledge was helpful in finally getting Madison to realize what was happening and how to deal with it. I look forward to seeing more of this kid.


Every character had their moment in this episode. Alicia and Nick get some time together that really made her more human and gave Nick more of a hero through line, in my opinion. This was more great character stuff and well done by the actors.

We finally get some time with Chris and his mom, which actually helps deepen Travis’ character. I am really invested in these people now and feel for them all. “When civilization ends, it ends fast.” When Tobias utters these words we have no idea now true it is until we start seeing it fall around our characters.

Then there’s that barbershop family that hides Travis, Chris, and Liza. Something isn’t quite right there. I can’t wait to find out what they are hiding.

Another great episode that has me excited for this new series. Must see TV.

Five Borts from five! (Awesome!!!)

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