Review: Heroes Reborn “The Lion’s Den”

Heroes Reborn - Season 1

Finally we get some insight into what the Renautas plan is. It’s unthinkable and crazy, but from her point of view it makes total sense. She is stockpiling food for when she kills millions of evos to save the planet. Starting over is never easy.

Tommy is important to the plan for saving the world, which we already figured out from last week. We get confirmation that he is adopted, but the show decides to drag out who the father is and not tell us. But that’s classic Heroes fashion, so I’ll be patient and wait. Melina loses her adult figure, now having to finish the trek to America on her own. She doesn’t yet know what she’s supposed to do, but has the answers in that handy yellow envelope. The one that would help answer so many of our questions, but again in classic Heroes fashion, it gets teased but not revealed. But I can wait for that, too.

I’m just happy that we finally got some answers and were told or shown that the other answers are coming. This makes me feel better about the story and where it’s going. The stuff with Noah is still the most exciting, and the stuff in L.A. is still the least exciting. I mean, why is Carlos still here? What does he have to do with the saving of the world? Miko still is a mystery to me, a mystery to why she is here as well. Her story feels so much like Hiro’s that it makes me angry. At least we weren’t forced to go to the game world again.


Heroes Reborn - Seaosn 1

So the world is facing a wave of solar radiation that could wipe out 96% of the Earth’s population. Erica is planning to repopulate and seed the Earth when it’s over, and she plans to kill all evos in the process. That’s evil. I like it.

A better episode than last week, but there was still much going on that bugged me. You could lose half this cast and it would be a much better story. Carlos, Miko, and newly powered Luke need to be made important ASAP, if I’m going to continue this show without hating their existence. Unfortunately, we’re still holding to the middle of the road.

Three Borts out of five. (Average or so.)

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