Recap – “The Flash” Season 2 Episode 5: The Darkness and the Light


We start 8 months ago on Earth 2 with their version of Harrison Wells, showing off his new Metahuman detectors at a press conference. Then Flash (Jay) runs in and tells him to take responsibility for creating the menace of Zoom. Back on Earth 1, Harry is being grilled by Team Flash then shot at by Joe, which Barry stops. Barry and Cisco go to Jitters for drinks and run into Patty where Cisco tells Barry to ask her out by trying to get the number of the Barista. He does get shut down, this will be touched upon later.

Right after he is rejected, Cisco gets a vision of a bank robbery and tells Barry to stop it, lying about how he knows about it. Doctor Light is the robber and gets away, telling this to Harry he decides to capture her to get closer to Zoom. Harry and Jay argue over how to deal with Zoom. After another bank robbery attempt, Light blinds Barry when he accidentally tells her where her double is. They believe she will do something to her double. While Catlin and Jay keep an eye on her double, Barry goes on a date with Patty, using sunglasses with a tiny camera and Cisco substituting for his eyes.

Light attacks Catlin and Jay then goes after her double, but Iris shoots her mask off when Jay runs in, and she accidentally kills a man then runs away. Harry tells Barry all they need to do to defeat Zoom is capture Light. He exposes the fact that Cisco has powers by forcing him to use them to find Light. She is skipping town on a train but Flash gets there to stop her by going so fast he creates after images to confuse her, getting in close enough to take her down.

Barry decides to take Harry’s help and this forces Jay to leave. Back at Jitters Cisco encounters the Barista from earlier, Kendra Saunders (Hawkgirl from The Legends of Tomorrow), and she gives him her number and they set up a date. After Team Flash give Cisco the code name Vibe, we see Harry’s daughter being held by Zoom.


Another setup episode between Hawkgirl, Cisco becoming Vibe, and Zoom looming in the background, Doctor Light gets very little time in the plot. On the subject, yes Doctor Light is a villain but that is the male version, the female version is a hero who helped save the multiverse from the Anti-Monitor in Crisis on Infinite Earths in the 80’s. But unlike the rest of the alinement swaps, I don’t mind this one as much seeing as it works for the story and brings us another female villain. Her being Barry’s former girlfriend Linda Park is a big coincidence, but one they do use in the story by saying Zoom sent her because Barry knew her.

Jay and Harry fight almost as soon as they see each other, I’m guessing that will be explained in the future but why isn’t Harry telling them Zoom has his daughter. I think Zoom sent him to infiltrate Team Flash for his own means. Cisco finally becoming Vibe, albeit with different powers, was a nice touch. Finally, the shenanigans from Barry being blind felt forced in so he would go on his date, and Jay and Catlin would bond while keeping an eye on Linda. All in all this was a good episode with a good balance between heroics and drama. Next they try and trap Zoom, this won’t end well.

Four Borts from five. (Pretty good!)

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