Suicide Squad: The Good and The Bad (Spoilers)

I went in hoping for a good movie, but expecting a bad movie. What I got was a movie so middle of the road that I feel bad for anyone who really liked it. I can’t compare Suicide Squad to Batman vs. Superman because I refuse to see the latter, but this movie was much better than Man of Steel. Granted, that isn’t saying much. Anyway, Suicide Squad is worth watching at matinee or rental prices but not at full price. And definitely not at 3D prices.

The Bad


suicide-squadJared Leto

I liked the idea of the Joker being a cartel boss. It feels like a logical update of the crime boss version. But something about Leto just doesn’t do it for me. I don’t know if it is the acting, the directing, the editing, or all of the above. I may not be a fan of this version, but his look does fit with what they did with him. One more thing: Why the hell does he get second billing? Joker is barely in this. If you cut him out, most of the story wouldn’t change. The biggest thing would be that Waller would be taken by Enchantress faster, and Harley’s origin would be implied not shown. After thinking about it, I believe Joker may have been the intended villain, because the one that headlines the actual release is lackluster at best…


The VillainsEnchantress-suicide-squad

Enchantress is the villain, but what does she want? World domination and to kill all humans because they don’t worship her and her brother as gods anymore. She has a storm she will use to destroy the world and faceless minions that she makes out of regular people by kissing them. They can’t be taken out by regular weapons unless the “Heroes” are using them. Trained soldiers can’t take down one of the henchmen but a WOODEN BASEBALL BAT wielded by Harley Quinn can. Lets not forget Enchantress’ brother, who does not get named, but he is a big cool looking dude who doesn’t do much of anything. Okay, now you can forget him.




The Look

I don’t mean the dirt they shot it through; that was bad enough; but the character logos and the font. The font used all over the place looks like it comes from the nastier side of Las Vegas’ neon lights. All it did was take me out of the movie. The logos that are used to introduce the characters look like psychedelic marshmallows from a demented breakfast cereal. Together they looked like rejects from Hot Topic.


The Good


Almost all of the characters work. I even liked the Enchantress until she became the bad guy. Amanda Waller was the right amount of bitch, but technically right, so that you love to hate her. Ric Flagg, for the first time outside of the comics, didn’t feel like the token army guy who leads the team. Yes, his story is that he is in love with Enchantress, but that gives him something to fight for instead of just being the generic good soldier. El Diablo could have been a good character thanks to the remorse for what he did to his family and his reluctance to use his powers, but he doesn’t get much to do. Captain Boomerang doesn’t get much, but what he does get is entertaining, especially with his pink unicorn he carries around and the fact he takes every opportunity to try escaping.

Suicde Squad groupThe Action

The action sequences were great, especially when the Squad were given full reign. The introductions were done well with Deadshot holding out for payment before killing a stool pigeon, Boomerang killing his partner then getting taken down by The Flash, and Batman bringing in Harley after a chase sequence. Deadshot holding the line against the henchmen and Harley’s fight in the elevators near the end were highlights of the movie.



Harley Quinn and Deadshot

I feared for Deadshot because, while he is charismatic, Will Smith plays Will Smith 99% of the time. Turns out, he was able to bring a very believable performance to Floyd, especially the stuff with his daughter. In those scenes, Smith just makes you feel for a man who loves, but can’t be with, his daughter. When he’s on the job, Smith does a great job portraying a bad-ass character.

They got Harley right. So when we do eventually get the Harley Quinn movie, as long as they keep her like this, she should be fine. I do wish she had a better costume, but I think Margot Robbie wishes that as well. It looked like she had a wedgie the entire movie and, while I enjoyed the view, I felt bad for her when she was stuck in the rain.

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