Sympathy For da Debbil Week 2


This weekend showcased a veritable cornucopia of great football moments. While I don’t tend to get too excited regarding the month of September, there were plenty of memorable moments for fans to savor as we look forward to a long season.

Here are the highlights:

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“Anyone get that license plate number?”

1st and 10:  Leonard Fournette Goes hulk Smash Against Auburn

Seriously. Part of Fournette’s legacy is that, in a Pop Warner league, concerned parents petitioned to have him removed from the league because he kept running over their kids. Like “Mack Truck over a chihuahua” trampling. What seemed like myth doesn’t seem so far-fetched after Saturday.


2nd down:  College Football Roundup

Ohio State survives a scare vs Northern Illinois, Ole Miss becomes the flavor of the week after downing Alabama, and Stanford swiftly sends Southern Cal back to the kids’ table. College football is a nutty place.

Jameis Winston
“Jameis Winston wins, leading to another inevitable overreaction.”

3rd down:  Young Guns

On Sunday, Jameis Winston turned his play around, leading the Bucs to a big road win over a divisional opponent. Expect fanfare to follow, and then for him to lay an egg this weekend. Such is the life of a rookie QB.

In other rookie QB news, Marcus Mariota took the predicted step back in his home opener against the Browns. He didn’t play badly, but he did make enough mistakes to show that he is human. Strangely enough, it was Johnny Manziel making plays galore. On a side note, Marcus Mariota’s NFL career started with the first two games going against the two Heisman winners (in 2012 Manziel, and 2013 Winston) that preceded his own successful 2014 campaign. I don’t know if that’s ever happened before. It’s like a football Halley’s Comet.

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