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The Slumber Party Massacre

I watched this one at the request of my wife who said she thought it was one of the worst of all time.  While not quite that bad, it wasn’t that good, either.  A slasher film from the early 80’s, this movie had a lot of the usual slasher clichés happening but with no pizzazz.  The killer had no life to him.  He was just this cardboard actor wielding a power drill.  The rest of the cast wasn’t any better.  What this movie did have in abundance was naked girls.  For the first half of the movie we were treated to many shots of girls topless and girls full nude in the shower.  This was made a bit disturbing by the fact that they were supposed to be high school seniors.  Supposedly eighteen or not, they are in high school so there was something kind of wrong about watching them naked in a shower.  I guess the female that directed had no problem with it back in 1982.  Must have been a simpler time.

Bottom line, unless you’re just interested in gratuitous shots of naked girls and less in the actual horror, I say skip it.  You’re not missing anything.

Two Borts out of five. (Could be worse.)


R.A. Miller

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