Recap – “The Flash” Season 2 Episode 17: Flash Back

This episode starts with a recap of episode 16, then moves on to Barry doing science. He’s still blaming himself for letting Jay into the group, which him obsessing to perfect the equation that will increase his speed. At dinner with Joe, Iris, and Wally, Wally gives Barry the idea to travel back in time to pick Thawne’s brain (while he was impersonating Harrison Wells) on how to go faster. Inside the time stream, there’s a black shape that sends Barry off course, and too far back in time. He watches his past self get taken down by Hartley Rathaway — Pied Piper — in front of a bunch of cops. Once he figures out where he is, Barry goes after his past self, where we get a very cool Flash vs. Flash fight. After jabbing a tranquilizer dart into past Barry’s leg, future Barry takes out Hartley easily and takes him to STAR labs.

While in the past, Barry gets Thawne to help him with his speed equation . . . though it doesn’t take long for Thawne to figure out that this Barry is not “his” Barry. Meanwhile, The CCPD is being attacked by a the strange object Barry encountered in the time stream. It turns out that the intruder is a Time Wraith, a creature that doesn’t like speedsters traveling through time,  and it’s hellbent on killing Barry. (Thawne tells Barry that he was never attacked by one because he knew what he was doing.) Barry tells two lies to Thawne; he tells him that when Thawne goes home and defeats Barry, and that if he kills future Barry the team will learn of his plan.


When past Barry comes to, the team and puts together that the Wraith is after future Barry. Thawne gives the future Barry a flash drive with the answer to the speed formula, and future Flash runs back to his home time. Once there, the Wraith starts giving Barry the business. Luckily for Barry, Hartley (Pied Piper) is able to use his sound manipulation gloves to stop it from killing him. It seems in the new altered timeline that Hartley is a good guy? Thawne’s drive gives them the answer to Barry’s speed equation, and Harry is still beating himself up about his daughter running off. The episode ends with Barry picking up Jay’s helmet and vowing to go after Zoom.

With all the wrestling we did last week on the website, it took me a lot longer to watch this than usual. A week and a half, to be precise. Was this whole episode just so Pied Piper could be upgraded to “recurring character?” If that is the case, then the story made good use of time travel for continuity’s sake. Piper is a character I like from the comics, so I have no problem with a continuing inclusion. When I started reading Flash comics, he and Piper were friends, so seeing him friendly with the cast was nice. It was nice to see Eddie again; now, can Wally get more than one line? Seems like a waste of a great character.


I don’t have much more to say about this one, but time travel is hard on the brain, and it is hard to write about multiple versions of the same characters. I enjoyed seeing both Eddie, and Thawne pretending to be Wells again. My biggest question is: how much has the time line changed? This was good, but not great, and unless Piper becomes a bigger character, it accomplished nothing besides solving the speed formula. Is Pied Piper going to be important in the big confrontation with Zoom? Was this just one more time to see Eddie?

On April 19, we learned that the Jay we thought we knew is actually Hunter Zolomon, and we start learning the truth about Zoom. I think the real Jay is the man in the mask. What’s your take on it?

Three Borts out of five. (Average or so.)

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