The Gambler’s Den: Sept. 19-20

It’s that time of year…you know, the time where you take your well-earned cash and put it down on a football team in hopes of getting more back!  Well, I stink at gambling, but I still do it from time to time because reasons.
So, here’s a few gambling tidbits to help you through the next weekend of football:


If you are in a fantasy league, hopefully it’s one where you can rake in some cash, because otherwise, why bother?  Here are some players to consider following the first full week of professional football:

James Jones

1) James Jones

He exploded on the scene with a pair of touchdowns. It helps with him having a successful past in Titletown, and it’s also a good thing any time Aaron Rodgers is throwing your way. He’s not a WR1, but in a pinch could serve as a WR2 or Flex position. Worth a look if available on waiver wire.

Cole Beasley

2) Cole Beasley

With star wideout/pompous asshat Dez Bryant out for some time, Beasley is a good pickup if available. He won’t get the touchdowns that Bryant did, but he’s a reliable safety valve and should get plenty of looks. A must-have if in a PPR (points per reception) league. Much like Jones, a WR2 or Flex

Marcus Mariota

3) Marcus Mariota

A huge debut is going to garner a lot of attention for the #2 overall pick. If you drafted him as a backup, dangle him as trade bait for a QB-needy team. You could reap some huge dividends (ALWAYS sell high). If you happen to be own a team that is thin at QB, don’t trade the farm for this guy.  In all likelihood, this was his best game of the season.

Jonathan Praise

Jonathan Praise is a writer, in the sense that he occasionally sits down in front of a keyboard and punches buttons, turning the blank page into a collection of letters and words. He rarely finishes anything, so the reader should feel somewhat special for actually witnessing the completion of this article. He is currently working on CLEAVE and THE ADVENTURES OF SKULLBOY when he isn't being a husband and father of dubious quality.

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