The “Star Wars: Force Awakens” Fan Theory That Will Blow Your Mind

After seeing Star Wars: The Force Awakens for a second time, I feel very confident in revealing my theories regarding the future of the story. I’m going to keep it short and sweet, and I’m going to tell you right up front that you probably haven’t heard a few of these ideas. There’s a good chance you won’t like a few of them, either.

To preface, I’m not a huge Star Wars fan. I’ve never seen anything from the extended universe, and my knowledge of the franchise revolves largely around the movies and one or two old PC games. The reason why I feel qualified to dissect the most recent film is not because I’m a Star Wars guru…it’s because I’ve spent a good portion of my adult life studying the art of storytelling.

If you read my round table contributions, you already know that I think the “secret parentage” thing is far from played out. The immortal reveal that Luke Skywalker sprang from Vader’s loins worked way back when that movie was released, but a similar reveal would hold zero shock value now. Therefore, we can assume that any reveal of who is related to whom will be largely academic in the current Star Wars movies. J.J. Abrams is way too smart to think that he can pull that “I’m your father” crap and impress anyone.

This diffuses many of the theories that are floating around, many of which are obsessed with decoding who gave birth to whom. My theories don’t hinge too heavily on that sort of thing. I’m going to assume that Rey is Luke’s daughter and that the fact was kept just questionable enough to serve as a red herring for fan theorists.

Beginning with that, here we go:

Han Solo was Force adept.

Several things happened in The Force Awakens (TFA) to support this theory. The conversation about Han Solo being able to talk himself out of everything (a Jedi skill) and the scene where he shoots someone without looking adds to it. You can also consider his super-awesome piloting abilities as a major giveaway. I could also argue that Leia’s reaction to his death was not due to her force sensitivity, which she may not even have in this story line. Why does this matter? Because Han Solo can come back as a ghost now. Count on it!

Luke Skywalker is evil.

You want a twist? There you go. Not only would this be a major development in the ongoing Skywalker saga, but I have storytelling-based evidence to support it:

  • Theoretically, there would need to have been a traumatic event that turned Luke to the Dark Side. Well, he has a daughter, but no significant other has yet been named. I’m guessing that Rey’s mother was killed in some horrible tragedy, and that’s what turned him evil. Sound familiar? Well, you might recall that I said Luke Skywalker is being set up to become the Anakin Skywalker that we all wanted. In other words, a well-written and believable one.
  • The First Order (including Snoke) never make mention of wanting to get their hands on the map to Skywalker. They only want to stop the Resistance from getting it…
  • …because Luke Skywalker is Snoke. He doesn’t need the map, he just wants to keep his sister from finding him. Why would Luke flee to an island in the middle of nowhere in the first place? Because something bad happened? That makes no sense. More likely, after his traumatic event (loss of Rey’s mother), he went into hiding to pull the First Order’s strings in secret. Want more evidence?
  • The last thing Snoke said before Starkiller Base exploded was, “bring Kylo Ren to me. It’s time to finish his training.” Well, who started his training? Luke did.
  •  When Rey shows up and climbs the steps of High Hrothgar to find Luke at the summit, something strange happens. He turns around, and not only does he look evil, but he looks at her as if he was expecting someone else. Of course he was! Because he had called for Kylo Ren.

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Kylo Ren will become good, and Rey will (temporarily) become evil.

Kylo Ren is obviously torn between the darkness and light within himself. This sets him up to be the ultimate redemption story. Think about Darth Vader’s final redemption…but make it a thousand times more powerful. I think Ren’s “turning process” will be slow, possibly beginning in the second film. My theory: he will be on a ship, traveling to Luke/Snoke, and he’ll be captured by the Resistance en route. Then, confronted by his own mother and her obvious depths of forgiveness, he’ll start to rethink his life.

In the meantime, Rey will be in the hands of evil Luke. I’m not totally sure what the catalyst will be, but I think he’ll begin leading her down the dark path. This will possibly lead to a confrontation between Rey and Ren in the second movie with their roles reversed, but I actually think this will be reserved for the epic final scenes of the third film.

Instead, we might see a more conventional fight dominating the second film. I can see Phasma leading a purely military assault against the Resistance, giving us a more “bang, bang, shoot ’em up” action focus in the second installment, which will also give Poe and Finn something to do while Ren and Rey are undergoing their changes. I’m guessing there might also be a “Knights of Ren” rescue attempt, if they’re not too busy helping Luke to train Rey.

The story will end where it was supposed to all along…with balance.

Star Wars is always talking about balance. Balance doesn’t mean killing off all of the evil…that would just a be a shift from one side to the other. Balance comes from harmony. This is why I wouldn’t be surprised if the culmination of everything is the slaying of Luke Skywalker by the combined forces of Kylo Ren and Rey. As far as happy endings go, this could be the best way to show “balance” in the sense that the lines of good and evil will blur for the final confrontation.


So, what do you think? Am I on to something, or am I way off the mark? Post your comments and challenges below!

All opinions are that of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Deck Ape...or anyone else. Arrr!

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