The Upcoming ‘Civil War II’ Comic – Bringing Captain Marvel to the Masses!

Now that Captain America: Civil War is dominating at the box office, it’s not surprising at all to see Marvel Comics capitalize upon that in pushing a new story arc. Hence the arrival of the Marvel Comics’ event Civil War II, hot on the heels of the success of the latest film in the Captain America library.

Instead of the same old #TeamCap and #TeamIronMan rivalry, there’s a new contestant in the form of Carol Danvers, better known as Captain Marvel, while Captain America – whether it be Steve Rogers or Sam Wilson – takes a back seat. This story arc centers on an Inhuman named Ulysses, who has the ability to see into the future. It raises a question that we on saw in the Tom Cruise film Minority Report: if you could see into the future and prevent bad things from happening by arresting the offender before they even committed the crime, would you?

Iron Man doesn’t like all of the moral quandaries that come along with this sort of question. Meanwhile, Captain Marvel is all about using this Inhuman to prevent massive casualties. And since they don’t agree, fisticuffs between superheroes ensue.

I’m on the fence about this crossover event, which spans a huge number of titles, mainly because it feels so much like a cash grab with the release of Captain America: Civil War.  On top of that, most of the problems with this plot were already resolved in the aforementioned Minority Report.  Sure, it will be a hell of a lot of fun seeing superheroes involved, but won’t most of the problems with this moral decision already be answered? [This premise is an age-old staple of futurism. “The Minority Report” was based on a Philip K. Dick story from 1956. Orwell’s “1984” touched on the whole ‘thoughtcrime’ thing pretty well, too! – Ed.]

On the other hand, it is a great way to introduce Captain Marvel to those fans that tend to avoid comics and focus all of their energy on things that tie in with the movies. Carol Danvers is a great character that deserves to be in the limelight, especially before the eventual release of her movie – which keeps getting pushed back. Let’s just say that once Marvel does release her film, it’s important that they get it right. She truly is the character most like Superman in the Marvel Universe, in terms of what she stands for.

It’s hard to say what all will happen; after all, these major crossover events tend to have temporary effects rather than long-term, if only because fans have a hard time with change. For instance, the original Civil War arc in the comics ended with the death of – spoiler alert – Captain America.  That’s changed in the comics since then, so suffice it to say that anything that happens in the Civil War II event might not even matter a few years down the road. All of that notwithstanding, the film’s successful first week run will have a positive impact on sales, and it could be easy to see this comic as a great entry point for new readers.

After successful crossover events of the past two years, in the form of Original Sin and Secret Wars, I expect Civil War II to deliver a grand tale. I am a bit anxious as to how they will handle a story most of us already know as well as how they present Captain Marvel. Hopefully, it’s as entertaining as the recent film release.

Civil War II launches in June.

Vaya con Dios!

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