This is What Happens When You Give a Teenage Girl Telekinesis

Carrie (1976)

Once upon a time, Francis Ford Coppola was touted in the same breath as Steven Spielberg and Oliver Stone.

This film is why.

Coppola took King’s novel and brought it to life. Through his camera angles, sets, music, and great cast, he breathed life into Carrie White and her sleepy little town. Sissy Spacek is perfect as Carrie. You immediately want to feel sorry for her and are then pulling for her the rest of the film. Her mother is equally well cast and brings the character right off the page.


Billy, played by John Travolta, and his girlfriend Chris are under developed and have no character arc. This is unfortunate since in the novel Chris is one of the primary antagonists and goes through just as much as Sue, only down a darker path.

The ending is a bit different than the book, but totally works in this vision. I also liked that a lot of the dialog is taken straight from the pages of the book. Coppola takes a horror novel and turns it into a tearjerker thriller, and I loved it. Whether a Stephen King fan or not, this is worth seeing. It makes me wonder though, if this one is so good, why did it get remade?

The Rage: Carrie 2 (1999)


Why did we need this?

The original film, and the novel it was based on, did not warrant a sequel. It didn’t even leave open a plot thread for one. Yet, here we are. Little Rachel is born with telekinesis, and when her mom is taken to a mental ward, for unknown reasons, she is sent to live with a foster family. Cut to her senior year of high school and when her best friend commits suicide because of a football player, her powers amp up and she struggles to control them.

If you read the novel, then her existence kind of makes sense, but it still seems forced. Also, the parts of the book that explain this were absent from the first film. There’s also her mother in the insane asylum who is kind of channeling Carrie’s mom. Then to explain how Rachel has power, *spoiler alert*, we are told that she is Carrie’s half sister.

Twenty years after the prom, Carrie’s dad slept with Rachel’s mom and got her pregnant. Then just like he did with Carrie’s mom, he took off and nobody knows where he went. How convenient. Then there is the return of Sue Snell from the original. This was another way they tried to tie it to that first film. Again, forced and unnecessary.

In the end, this feels trite and cliche. Strange black and white shots when she uses her power feel weird and add to the forced feel. Once the reveal came of Rachel’s lineage, I rolled my eyes and checked out. Not really worth my time, or yours.

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