Unboxing Marvel Collector Corps: Deadpool


I’ve long enjoyed seeing the cool things offered by places such as Loot Crate and Nerd Block. I’m a writer and a reader, but before that I was definitely a collector. I loved baseball cards and comic books as a kid, and I have found myself drawn to the Funko Pop! characters since they’ve hit the market. Once Marvel started selling their own box known as “Collector Corps”, I was hooked.

I received the December Guardians of the Galaxy box and loved all the cool gear that came with it, so I wanted to keep the subscription to keep getting cool Marvel stuff.

This past month, feeding off of the success of the movie, Marvel Collector Corps released their Deadpool box…and like the movie, it did not disappoint.

1. Collector Corps Pin and Badge



This one is always a given with the boxes. Just like the previous installments, there’s a cool pin and a nice badge that follows the theme of the box. I have no idea what I will do with the badge, but the pin is pretty sweet. I suppose if I went to any conventions it might be worth trading. As far as the badges and pins go, it’s a nice haul.

2. Variant Comic


A cool, Funko-themed cover of Deadpool atop a mountain of Mexican cuisine. I tend to keep any variants I receive as a gift in their plastic wrap, and this likely will stay that way as well. The collector in me loves getting these variants.

3. Deadpool Shirt


I already own a couple of Deadpool shirts, but another Funko-theme made it unique. The Merc with a Mouth looks poised for battle. You can practically hear him shouting for Francis.

4. Deadpool Mopeez


My first “Mopeez” plush is a Deadpool with reverse colors. My five year-old son tried his damnedest to call dibs on this. I’ve managed to perch him high enough on my shelf to avoid any future battles of the wills.

5. Cowboy Deadpool Dorbz


While I already own a couple Dorbz, this one is easily the coolest in my collection. Deadpool with a cowboy hat and a hobby horse is vintage weird-stupid-awesome Deadpool.

6. Leaping Deadpool Pop! Funko bobblehead


I consider this the crown jewel of the collection. It’s a great pose and unique amidst a couple of my other Pops. Since it is an exclusive, it’s going for quite a bit online so it’s an awesome collector’s item.


I already ruined this in the intro, but I loved this box. There are a lot of unique items in here that make it a collector’s dream. I am excited for the next box, based on the Civil War movie. Should be great!

Five Borts from five! (Awesome!!!)

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