Recap – “The Flash” Season 2 Episode 15: King Shark

We pick up right where the last episode ended, with Caitlin breaking down at Jay’s apparent death. Then we get a nice montage of everyone getting their lives back to normal while Barry, Harry, and Cisco keep everything they saw on Earth-2 a secret.

Barry is running around and thinking to himself that he needs a distraction. Good thing King Shark breaks out of his holding tank at ARGUS, just as Jon Diggle and Lyla are looking over his cell. The two Arrow alums alert Barry and the team to the breakout, and that King Shark is looking to kill Flash. The team splits up to search the city for the shark, who finds some ARGUS agents delicious.


Barry attempts to help Wally with his engineering project when suddenly King Shark tears through the roof of the house looking for The Flash. Barry makes it outside to confront Shark, but gets beat up. When Barry makes it back inside, Wally accuses him of being a coward when Shark ripped the roof off the place.

Shark is following the electricity that Barry gives off. When the team finds out, they use that to track him. On a dark dock, ARGUS and Flash go fishing for Shark, and when he finally comes he gets through all the ways they were trying to catch him. Flash runs on water, then uses his ability to throw lightning, to knock out Shark and reel him in. We end on a big cliffhanger… Jay is Zoom!

This episode didn’t grab me and I can’t tell you why. Because of this, my thoughts will be light this week. The Jaws references were light, but expected. Aside from the ARGUS stuff was Diggle really needed? Or was he just another gratuitous Arrow cameo? Barry and Cisco both held the secret about Earth-2 for about 2 days. Zoom is Jay, but we won’t know the how or why for at least three weeks.

Three Borts out of five. (Average or so.)

But that has more to do with my lack of interest in the episode than anything else.

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