“Winds of Winter” Will Not Be Published Before Game of Thrones Season 6


It’s not entirely surprising that George R.R. Martin, as renowned for procrastination as he is for killing off characters, won’t have finished The Winds of Winter,  the next installment of his A Song of Ice and Fire series – the basis for the HBO smash hit Game of Thrones – before mid-April. Martin is notoriously slow in getting his books out, so much that fans have lamented his habits ad nauseum on the Internet.

What makes this newsworthy is that the fifth season of Game of Thrones caught up with the book series. What readers are left with is the somewhat unsettling fact that the television program will suddenly spoil the books. Martin has apologized on his website for this latest delay, and promises to continue writing “a page at a time”.

As a reader of the series and a viewer of the show, I’ve long held the belief that the show is better than the books. Some conspiracy theorists might postulate that HBO’s writers are more qualified to continue the series…and so maybe Martin will swipe some of their ideas. Regardless of how the book series progresses, having the show further ahead in the story than the source material can’t be a good sign for book sales.

What do you think?  Is this a major embarrassment for Martin, or will it have little to no impact on the brand?  Let us know in the comments below.

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