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From time to time I find myself able to afford a new graphic novel, and from time to time I get great enjoyment from it. It is an underrated medium in terms of entertainment, and there are plenty of gems that outshine the popular print novels of today.

Mark Millar is one of the true celebrities of the graphic novel industry, with Kick-Ass, Wanted, and Kingsmen all making their way to big-screen adaptations. I have yet to read any of these stories, but I thought reading something of his might be worth the effort.

Chrononauts is the story of a couple of celebrity scientists that have figured out time travel, and at its core, that’s enough to churn out a story. What makes Chrononauts worth a read is how these characters react to this power they’ve achieved, and what drives them.


Corbin Quinn is the brains behind the time-traveling suits. Danny Reilly is his sidekick, but also his “bro”…I mean that. This book is chock full of bromance, and if that sort of thing induces eyerolls, then this might not be your cup of tea. What’s interesting is the driving force behind Quinn’s dedication:  both his father’s alcoholism and his own failed marriage.

There are lots of great visuals in this book, and a pretty tight little story that keeps the narrative going. It’s ending feels final…I didn’t look up to see if there is expected to be more in this series, and I honestly don’t see why they would even try. It’s a good finish and left me satisfied.

My sole complaint – and mind you, it’s not much of one – would be that this story felt too much like a pitch to a movie producer. In a lot of ways, all of the important moments feel slightly rushed…almost like a storyboard.

It’s a fun read and worth the fairly cheap $9.99 price tag. If you’re looking for something to entertain you, this has it.

Four Borts from five. (Pretty good!)

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